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Kronos Technology Destroys SARS-Cov- 2 and MORE!

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Kronos' patented technology destroys the pollutant particles and collects them on easy-to-wash plates instead of traditional HEPA filters, which collect pollutant particles that can result in mold and bacteria over time. As a result, fewer harmful particles end up in our lungs. Think of your Kronos Air Purifier as the bionic lung for your house - we do the dirty work, so your lungs don’t have to!

Kronos purifier destroys the widest range of pollutants including Viruses and VOCs. It effectively filters particles as small as 0.0146 μm (14.6 nanometers) compared to traditional HEPAs' 0.3 μm (3 microns).

By choosing Kronos, you have a cutting-edge high quality home air purifier that contributes to a happier and healthier planet.

According to an independent report, Kronos removed 99.9% of the Sars-Cov-2 virus from the air in less than 30 seconds.

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*The University of Thrace conducted the testing. It is important to note that no air purifier can totally eliminate viruses from the air. Kronos recommends the proper use of PPE and following the direction of the CDC and other government authorities.

Kronos Technology 

Kronos Technology

How it Works: 5 step process

Until now, air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and release back into the air. Forget the past. Destroy pollutants instead.

Comparatively to a traditional filter that uses HEPA or PECO, the Kronos destroys a wide variety of pollutants, including SARS-CoV-2 and organic chemicals.

We Do What Others Can’t.

Do you know?

HEPA is made from the same material as plastic bags. A HEPA filter is equivalent to at least 1000 plastic bags. Say 'no' to the wasteful HEPA filters with the Kronos washable air purifier! The reusable, easy-to-clean, energy-efficient design of our waste-free collecting plates allows you to save time, money, and the planet. 

High Performance

General HEPA filters will block the air flow. When the filters become clogged, the air flow will be significantly reduced! Kronos 's vertical absorption filter that does not interfere with the airflow. It will not cause clogging and does not reduce air flow, which contributes to higher filtration performance and lower noise.

Filtration Range

TPA®️ Filters purify a much wider range than the traditional HEPA filter or PECO - from particles down to 0.0146 microns to PM 2.5 (cigarette, exhaust, dust, pet dander), and bigger particles (pollen, pet hair).

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Ultimate User Experience

Smart Control

With our Auto Mode button, you can allow Kronos to run 24/7 all by itself! Auto Mode automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the pollution levels that the AQI (Air Quality Index) is reading. This feature not only makes monitoring your room’s air quality easy to do, it also saves you money on energy bills and gives you peace of mind!

One Button Operation

There is no need to waste time on operating a complex machine. Instead, Kronos operates effectively with a push of a button. Quickly and easily cycle through different air flow settings or press Auto Mode and let it manage the whole thing. Either way, simplicity and convenience is paramount in our Kronos X5 design..

Whisper Quit

You will hardly know it’s there. Kronos’s noise level ranges from 22 dB (sleep mode) to 57 dB (turbo mode), an average of 34 dB which is half of traditional air purification systems. This is about as quiet as a soft hum, and definitely more quiet than your neighbor's dog.


Child Lock

Prevents children from playing with the settings.


Night Mode

Night mode is specially designed for light sleepers. We keep your air clean but without display lights and fan noise. You could hardly hear it‘s running at night mode. 

Smart App & Real Time AQI

Based on the World Health Organization’s standards of air quality, Kronos’s Air Quality Index (AQI) ranges from 0-500 and is built into the digital display! The indicator light changes from red to orange, to yellow, to green, and allows you to easily monitor your room’s quality of air anytime of the day to ensure you are breathing the highest quality of air. Connect your Kronos to your phone with Kronos Smart App that displays real time AQI, and acts as a remote control.

With the KRONO Kronos SMART APP

  • Use your phone as a remote control.
  • Turn unit on, off, set to sleep mode, set child lock, or adjust filtration settings.
  • Track real time air quality in your home or office and notice how it stacks up to outdoor air quality

Terminate vs collect

HEPA traps pollutants such as pollen and dust, while TPA technology destroys these toxins and eliminates them from our air. Often times HEPA air purifiers will stop working when the filter isn't changed regularly. Pollutants that were once collected can escape back into the air!

Furthermore, when the temperature is warmer and humidity is in the air, mold and bacteria grows on the HEPA filter causing bad odors and hazardous waste generated during the process. Our washable filter solves this problem by creating an easy clean system that is safe and effective. Just wash with detergent and reuse them!

Saves money

Since mold and bacteria like to grow on HEPA filters, you need to change those very expensive filters every 6 months. Spending money on these replacement filters can easily cost $500 per year, and the better quality HEPA filters cost even more. Kronos solves that filter replacement problem with its advanced TPA technology and saves you money! No more need to change filters with Kronos…just wash them! This Saves You Lots of $$!

Environmentally Friendly

With the waste crisis on Earth, it is vital that we do our part to contribute to a better planet and a better future. HEPA filters are made of dangerous fiberglass material that is damaging to our environment. With Kronos, you don't need to replace the filters, just wash and reuse. No disposal of wasted filters helps to save our environment!