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Safe for use for Coronavirus?

Our home purifiers have been tested and verified to destroy covid-19. Regarding the Fit Air and the Fit Air bundle,  our medical advisors are in the process of obtaining testing reports for use against Coronavirus at the present time we do not have any. The HEPA filter used by FitAir is a TRUE HEPA filter which has been certified to remove 95% of 0.3 micron contaminants ( HEPA filter is compatible and equal in its properties with and N95Filter) Furthermore, FitAir is the only current portable device on the market which offers 2 filtering points of entry; the true HEPA filter (as mentioned above) and the KN95 mask supplied with the FitAir Device. So, in essence, you are doubly protected.

Why do I need the air to be purified and Infused into my mask?

Normally every (averaged sized) human inhales around 5 Liters of air every minute. Unfortunately, ALL humans have something called Anatomical DEAD SPACE in our bodies. That just means we have “tubes” in our bodies (like the trachea or our windpipe), where air JUST sits there and DOES NOT participate in gas exchange in our lungs. This dead space is about 1.5 Liters. So, really ONLY 3.5 Liters of fresh air gets delivered to our lungs every minute. NOW, when you put on a REGULAR mask, there is now MORE dead space to be added on top our anatomical dead space; and that is the dead space between your face and the mask!. So even more bad air just is sitting there, not ventilated!. FitAir filters and infuses ,and refreshes continuously 130Liters of fresh purified air every minute. So that Dead Space now gets circulated, gets cleaned and thus more fresh air is brought to your lungs so you breathe so much better. You breathe better air, fresher air and cleaner air with FitAir than without it.

So why should I care if I get more air infused? I’m breathing very well thank you with my plain mask.

Actually NUMEROUS published medical articles have shown that using a PLAIN MASK can be dangerous for our bodies (see small list of Articles below):

  1. Respirators used by healthcare workers INCREASE Carbon Dioxide (that is the BAD oxygen). Levent, Ozdemir, J Clin Anesth.2020;
  2. Physiological impact of the N95 filter face piece respirator on healthcare workers. (FINDINGS: Wearing a plain N95 Mask leads to INCREASED Carbon Dioxide (that’s the bad oxygen) and DECREASED Oxygen levels (that’s the good Oxygen). Roberge-RJ, Resp Care 2010.
  3. Objective assessment of increase in breathing resistance of N95 Respirators. (FINDINGS: 126% increase in inspiratory resistance, 122% increase in expiratory resistance and 37% reduction in air exchange volume!) FIRST study to show this!! Heow Pueh Lee, Ann Occup Hyg. 2011
  4. Carbon Dioxide (bad oxygen)rebreathing in respiratory devices: Influence on speech and work rate. (FINDINGS: wearing a standard respirator leads to rebreathing of Carbon Dioxide (bad oxygen) whichleads to low work rates. Carmen Smith, Ergonomics. 2013.
  5. N95 filtering facepiece respirator dead space temperature and humidity. (FINDINGS: after just 1 Hour, regular N95 mask dead space temperature and humidity were markedly elevated) Raymond Roberge, J Occup Envir Hyg 2012.
  6. Headaches and the N95 Face Mask amongst healthcare providers. (FINDINGS: healthcare providers may develop headaches with regular N95 masks ) ECH Lim Acta Neurol Scand 2006.

Wait, I’m confused. So what happens when I wear a regular mask or even a more protective plain N95 Mask?

  1. Your Carbon Dioxide (bad Oxygen) goes up. That’s bad!
  2. Your Oxygen (good oxygen) goes down. That’s bad!
  3. Your work of breathing is harder as it faces more resistance
  4. The temperature and humidity in our mask is greatly elevated
  5. You will probably develop a headache

Wait one minute please. I see all these videos on social media, where a doctor ran a marathon with 7 masks on and the oxygen never went down, or another healthcare provider had on a N95 mask, a surgical mask and a cloth mask and the oxygen level did not go down. Explain that please.

Those videos unfortunately do not tell the whole truth. The ONLY device we have right now to easily measure Oxygenation is the Pulse Oximeter (please google it to see what it look like). Unfortunately, the pulse oximeter is TERRIBLE at accurately measuring the oxygen saturation and moreover the pulse oximeter FALSELY OVERESTIMATES oxygen saturation. Here are a few published medical articles that prove just this:

  1. Accuracy and reliability of pulse oximetry at different arterial carbon dioxide pressure levels. (FINDINGS: As your carbon dioxide (bad oxygen) goes up (as shown in the articles above) the pulse oximeter can overestimate the true oxygen saturation. X Munoz, Eur Resp J. 2008.
  2. Effects of non-functional hemoglobin on oxygen saturation measurements. (FINDINGS: the greater the presence ofnon functioning hemoglobin (like that insmokers) the falser the pulse oximeter reading. Phillis Pulse Oximetry Handbook.
  3. Accuracy of pulse oximetry during hypoxemia. (FINDINGS: As hypoxemia (good oxygen decreases) gets more pronounced, the accuracy of the pulse oximeter drops. D Thrush South Med J 1994

Will I Contaminate anyone around me when I wear the FitAir?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is NO air leak from the FitAir at all, thus you CANNOT contaminate anyone. The FitAir’s 1st point of filtering is the true HEPA filter which “sucks” in the surrounding air, it filters it and purifies it and delivers it via its attached hose to your mask where then you inhale freshly purified filtered air. The 2nd point of filter is the N95 or KN95 mask which is on your face and that also filters the air you breathe. There is no air escape from the FitAir. Furthermore there has never been a documented case t this date of a healthcare worker infecting someone else with their mask. Please see study below:

Do you sell replacement masks? And how many per pack if you do?

Yes. We do sell replacement masks. It's 10 in a box. But please remember that these masks are dedicated to being used together with the FitAir filter unit and should not be used independently. Also you can use other approved masks together with the FitAir filter unit as long as you cut a hole of our connector size on it.Our healthcare worker clients simply cut a hole that fits the FitAir tubing into their N95 masks and use it as such.

So is it safe to use FitAir?

What we can say is this: TO THIS DATE, WE DO NOT KNOW OF ANY HEALTHCARE WORKER WHO HAS WORN A FIT AIR WHO HAS BECOME SICK. We are preparing a research paper to document this and we shall make it available on this website when it will be published.

FitAir, the best personal air purifying solution that brings you clean air wherever you go. By cleaning within 25 square feet of your personal space at a airflow rate of 3x per hour, this personal shield prevents everyday intake of harmful contaminants and allergens both indoors and outdoors.

FitAir is designed to make you breathe better and live healthier, wherever you are and whatever you do. FitAir improves your health by freeing your air of viruses, smoke, bacteria, allergens and other harmful microbes. By cleaning within 25 square feet of your personal space at a rate of 3x per hour, this personal shield prevents everyday intake of harmful contaminants and allergens both indoor and outdoor.

With the one-of-kind wristband solution, the ultralight FitAir could be attached to your tote, baby stroller, car seat etc. It is also an ideal travel companion for shared spaces and polluted areas.